Don’t forget to plan early voting or mail in voting for the November 3rd Election

American citizens, please note that the Cytokines 2020 meeting overlaps with the USA election. Get your absentee or mail-in ballot!  Information at this link:

It is not too early to think about registering for early voting or absentee voting if you an American citizen planning to participate in Cytokines 2020 in Seattle. Even if you’re not sure about participating, we recommend taking care of this in the coming weeks.  Every state has different rules, but this web site is a link about deadlines – just click on your state to request a ballot:

If you prefer in-person voting, many states open weeks before the election – you don’t even need an absentee ballot, just go to your polling place and cast your vote before the meeting.  Available in 38 states plus DC according to this web site: